Bassa Clan

BASSA CLAN are a mysterious duo from Bologna (Italy). 

The project was born on a foggy night in the countryside.... 
Akai MPC 2000 and a radar oriented to Detroit were the basic ingredients. Raw, analog, roots devoted. From house to techno and viceversa. Crazy vinyls collectors, Bassa Clan delivers an intense and eclectic DJ set: a beautiful journey between new minimal house, detroit flavour, and classic roots. 

They opened their own namesake (vinyl only) label “BASSA CLAN” on february 2015. The first three releases went sold out in few days; they also took care of remixes on ALL INN rec and REBIRTH. In the next months they will release the fourth chapter of the Bassa Clan series, and two complete ep on HOWL and CABIN FEVER. 

Keep an eye on these two bad boys!